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Choose from a range of unique edging designs to display your quality home

Gem Joinery has now launched a new Bevel Edge door profile machine for all  MELAMINE and EVOLUTION doors, drawers & panels. New Bevel Edge profile provides a sleek, seamless looking door reflecting the current kitchen trends by giving a modern, minimalistic appearance without any handle hardware interruption. This will allow for the beauty of the selected finish to be the focus of the kitchen.



A bevel is an edge that has an angle that is less than 90 degrees. … A beveled edge is often used to smooth angles on materials where a sharp edge might be dangerous, such as counters, cabinets and tabletops. A bevel may appear on baseboards, molding and trim for decorative appeal.

No need to edge by hand & waste hours of labour rates on edging bevel doors.

Just drop off your doors & Edging to our company & we will sure do it for you.

Our new 2020 bevel edging machine is under your service at any time.

Don’t delay your job, deliver your doors today & pick them up within 5/working days.